About The School

West Island Tae Kwon Do was founded in 1986. For over 28 years tae Kwon Do students practiced and learned their art under the tutelage of qualified Black Belt Masters and Instructors. Our school is the first Tae Kwon Do school to open in the West Island. We have over 200 members at our school of which many have been training with us for over 20 years. We are proud to boast that over 250 Black belts were promoted with status and rank through belts and Dans, along with 4 Masters. Our Black Belts are promoted directly by our Grand Master Chong Lee, with a panel of our qualified instructors. It is with pride that the Belt is passed through his hands as the founding father of Tae Kwon Do in Canada.

Our school accepts children as early as 5 years old. We encourage the child to try a free class in order to give us the opportunity to evaluate their mental and physical abilities, so as to actually learn some basic technique. We are aware that some martial arts schools start children from 3 years old, but we feel that this is much too young to retain necessary information, to focus and pay attention so as to learn the basics, required in a martial art. It's at 5 years old the child develops the notion that this is more than an activity and they usually enjoy the classes on their own, instead of participating because it's an activity they have to follow. Also it prevents unnecessary injuries because at 5 the child is a bit more mature and understands safety in martial arts.

We offer classes for both Juniors, Adults. Our classes focus on the technical aspect of Tae Kwon Do along with the philosophy. We integrate the virtues of Tae kwon do through discipline, respect and integrity. All our classes are followed with cardio training and students have the ability to practice their combat skills in our sparring classes. Although we encourage students to learn to spar, it's not an obligation. we would like to encourage our students to continue learning their art and enjoy their time at our school. We are not only a learning center, we are a community.